Black Fox Security Group

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About Us

There has never been a time when there was a greater need for experienced and competent security professionals to assist, educate, and provide advice to the general public than there is now because of the continuous evolution of threats.

At Black Fox Security Group, our mission is to lend a hand in protecting what is important, whether it be the assets of a business or the valuables of an individual.

Among the many services that we provide are Executive Protection, Private Investigation, Consultancy, CCTV Installation, Use of Force training, Prevention Tactics to mitigate loss caused by Organized Retail Crime.

Because we have a large network of dependable suppliers, we are able to provide our corporate and government clients with high-quality protective gear such as bulletproof vests, riot gear, shields, and use of force training suits. This is made possible by our extensive supply chain.

Urban survival and self-defense training are two of the services that we offer to both residential and commercial customers.
We also provide the mandatory security guard/private investigator training that is required by the ministry for anyone who are interested in working in the security profession.

On our e-commerce site, in addition to a wide selection of security equipment, you can also find a variety of tactical and survival items.