About Us

Tomorrow`s security solutions, delivered today

Black Fox Security Group provides cutting edge technologies, training and consulting services to Military, Law enforcement and Security services Worldwide as well as to Corporate and Industrial security services ranging from penetration testing to executive protection and asset protection.

Black Fox Security Group has over 60 years of operational and consulting experience in the Public and Private space from training Public Order (Riot control/Suppression) to Intelligence gathering and tactical operations from both the Military and policing perspectives as well as Anti Money Laundering and Anti corruption.

We are a complete, full-service organization, uniquely qualified to offer accurate and timely assessments of your product and training needs.

We offer the following training and equipment.

  • Body Cameras
  • Metal Detector Gates (and handheld detectors)
  • Speed Cameras
  • Voice Logging Devices
  • Mobile Locator Devices
  • Robotics (including submersibles)
  • Riot suits/batons and shields
  • Use of force training
  • Public Order (Riot control/suppression) training
  • Less lethal Delivery systems and munitions
  • Tactical training
  • Consulting Services for Governments and Corporations
  • Please note that many services and items of speciality equipment are not listed here. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

    *Please note that most these products are prohibited for personal use, they are only authorized for Government Use and before placing an order an End User Certificate is required from the purchasing organization.