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These items are only available for law enforcement and government agencies


Our shields are for use in Riot situations by Prison services, Police and military forces. Shields are a two-layer shield with a left-hand handle system as standard, and can be supplied with a cross handle system. The shield has a handle in the top right corner.
The shield can be supplied with a baton holder on request. The molding on both sides of the shields is 100 +/- 10mm wide and 35mm +/- 5mm deep.


The shield meets the BS 7971-3: 2002 requirements

5.4 Flame resistance

5.5 Impact deformation resistance

5.6 Blunt impact resistance


100 cm4,7 kg59 cm +/- 2cm
120 cm5,5 kg59 cm +/- 2cm
165 cm6,7 kg59 cm +/- 2cm
195 cm7,6 kg59 cm +/- 2cm


Both 9mm IIIA and full level IIIA (include 44Mag) are available.

The helmets can be delivered with or without rails. A bolt less model is also available.

training suits

Full Contact Training Suit, suit is made for Full contact training indoor and outdoor. The suit is covered with coated textile, which prevent liquids to perforate and start to destroy the protective materials inside the different parts. All parts are washable in a washing machine. There are areas that have blue colors like in joints; these areas are potential weak points and must be taken into consideration during training. MV-liner is used inside the suit that are in contact with the body.

The suits package consists of;

    • Helmet Level 2
    • Chest guard
    • Elbow & Forearm
    • Gloves
    • Pants
    • Leg Guards
    • Carry bag
    • Certified to 89/686/EWG EAN: 4052236119878

    Riot suits

    This equipment is lightweight, quick and simple to put on. It provides protection against kicks, blows, and impacts of clubs. It is currently being used by many metropolitan law enforcement agencies in Europe, United States, Middle East, Asia and several NATO forces.
    This gear can be provided with a flame retardant outer textile upon request, and is machine washable.

    Riot equipment meet international standards meets the most used standards in the world, which are:

    HOSDB The latest British standard

    BS 7971 The old British standard

    VPAM KDIW The German standard-The most used standard is the German KDIW ed. 2011 where we meet many different levels for different items such as:

    W3 for chest guard, leg guards, groin protector, thigh guard, elbow & forearm

    W4 for leg guards and elbow & forearms

    W5 for chest guards

    W3 K1 for chest guard (K1 is stab protection)

    HOSDB 2007 KR3+SP3 for the complete chest guard to meet these standard levels, high quality materials are needed to com-
    ply with the demands when tests are carried out in different temperatures from minus 20 degrees to plus 70 degrees centigrade.

    Ballistic Blankets

    Blanket can be unfolded and deployed in seconds giving total protection to the user. In an emergency the blanket can be used as an evacuation stretcher for injured personnel or as an effective bomb blanket. Protection levels can be increased by adding hard plates in key areas.

    Approved to NIJ ballistic standard Level IIIA.

    Size is (2Ftx4Ft) (60.96cmX121.92cm)

    Ballistic materials: Dyneema SB71,Dyneema SB21

    Textile cover:

    Outside: Polyamide with PU coating 340 gr/sqm

    Straps: 100 % Polyester

    Velcro: 100 % Polyamide with coating

    Thread: 100 % Polyester continuous filament number 30