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Specialized training courses

Baton Training

This one-day intensive course will supply the basic skills in baton use from.

·  Baton Strikes (closed and open baton)

·  Baton blocks

·  Team tactics

·  Empty hand and baton tactics

·  Weapon retention

IED (Improvised explosive device) Recognition and Response

This training is only available to organizations and not individuals. This one-day course includes recognition of common devices and how to effectively search for devices.

Personal Protection Shield VIP training

At Black Fox Security Group, we take pride in our highly experienced team of instructors, each with firsthand experience in riot policing, supervisory roles, and tactical command.Discover Effective Tactics for Crowd Control without Chemical Agents

Unlike traditional methods that rely on indiscriminate munitions like tear gas, we focus on dynamic movement and the human element. Our officers excel at crowd dispersion while skillfully identifying non-combative protestors from violent agitators.Battle-Tested Strategies for the Toughest Situations

Our tactics have been rigorously tested in the most challenging conditions, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness.

Equip Your Security Units with Cutting-Edge Protective Gear

In addition to training, our company offers assistance in equipping your units with the latest and most advanced protective gear available.