Training & Services

Use of Force Training

Black Fox Security Group is providing Use of Force certification as well as skills and knowledge evaluations on existing inhouse training programs for security guards.
Our certified instructors are always updated on Ministry Standards as well as current case law in relation to training and Use of Force.
Black Fox Security Group is also pleased to announce that it is now offering formal, workplace violence de escalation training as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

We also offer handcuff and baton courses to make you better prepared for the challenges security guards facing on the job. With our advanced training system, you can be sure that you will be able to handle the various situations you will face as a security guard.

Training #1

Course Outline

Our one-day intensive Use of Force Training program will cover everything from basic situational awareness to handcuffing.

  • Situational awareness on the job
  • Use of force legalities
  • Passive handcuffing
  • Active handcuffing
  • Take-down techniques
  • Suspect control techniques
  • Defensive tactics
  • Team tactics
  • Proper documentation of the events
  • Baton Training

    This one-day intensive course will supply the basic skills in baton use from.

  • Baton Strikes (closed and open baton)
  • Baton blocks
  • Team tactics
  • Empty hand and baton tactics
  • Weapon retention
  • IED (Improvised explosive device) Recognition and Response

    This training is only available to organizations and not individuals. This one-day course includes recognition of common devices and how to effectively search for devices.


    Please contact Black Fox Security Group for more details

    Personal Protection Shield VIP training

    We are providing Personal protection shield training to security companies looking to establish or supplement their own personal protection units with usable VIP shield protection skills.

    At Black Fox Security Group, we are proud that our team is highly experienced with all of our instructors having first hand experience policing riots, operating in supervisory or tactical commander and advisor roles.

    Our accomplished professional team ensures that you and your security officers receive the absolute highest quality of training to maximize your operational effectiveness.
    Our tactics do not require the use of indiscriminate munitions such as tear gas and other chemical agents, instead employing dynamic movement and a human element with officers dispersing crowds while being able to distinguish non combative protestors from violent agitators. They have been tested in the most strenuous conditions.
    Our company can also help you equip your units with the latest protective gear available.

    Training #2

    Security Consultation

    A Security Consultant works as an advisor and supervisor for all security measures necessary to effectively protect a company or client’s assets.

    There are many benefits of hiring an outside security consultant company such as:

  • An outside consultant can provide you with a fresh, unbiased perspective on security issues related to your business.
  • Our consultants work throughout the year to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, trends and best-practices in the security industry to provide the best advice and risk-mitigation strategies.
  • One thing many of our clients have appreciated is the ‘neutrality’ our outside position offers.
  • This allows us to ‘tell it like it is’ without fear of the retribution that may prevent internal whistleblowers from feeling like they can come forward about existing security issues
  • There are all kinds of specializations within the modern business security and it`s unrealistic to expect from a single director to acquire them all.
  • We can help your company to mitigate unnecessary risks, and train your security personnel on how to respond to various threats