Is it LEGAL...?

Curious about the legality of our products in Canada? It's a common question we receive, so we've dedicated a section to explain the laws and regulations surrounding our items.

In Canada, the definition of a weapon is outlined in Section 2 of the Criminal Code. According to the Code, a weapon is broadly defined as anything designed, used, or intended to be used for causing death or injury to persons, or for the purpose of threatening or intimidating individuals.

This encompasses a wide range of objects, from traditional firearms to more unconventional items that may be adapted for harmful purposes. The detailed definition provided in the Criminal Code helps authorities establish legal boundaries and regulations surrounding the possession and use of weapons, contributing to public safety and the prevention of criminal activities.

For the most up-to-date and comprehensive information, individuals can refer to the Criminal Code of Canada Section 2 for the specific legal definition of a weapon.

Knuckles: Wondering about brass knuckles? In Canada, they're considered prohibited weapons, but plastic knuckles are perfectly legal! Feel free to carry our high-quality Polymer Knuckles without worry—they're designed not to break. For more information, check out CBSA Memorandum D19-13-2.

Stun Batons: Good news! Our baton, measuring over 480 mm, is legal to own in Canada. However, it's crucial to note that carrying any weapon, including a baton, in a concealed manner is a criminal offense. While you're legally allowed to carry it, using it, even in self-defense, is not permitted. Exercise caution and avoid displaying it in public.

Expandable Batons: Worried about baton legality? No need! Our batons are legal to own in Canada, except for spring-loaded ones. Just remember, carrying any weapon in a concealed fashion is against the law according to the Criminal Code of Canada While ownership is allowed, be aware that law enforcement may intervene if you display it in public.

Training Gear: Concerned about restrictions on training gear? The good news is that the CBSA has no objections to carrying or using plastic training equipment. Objects designed for training purposes are not considered dangerous or illegal, so feel free to equip yourself with our training gear.

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